Mother of the bride – Barbara

4.30 a.m and I can’t sleep. So excited about the wedding of our daughter and son-in-law last Saturday!
I just had to write to thank you, sincerely, for marrying them in a such a thoughtful manner. To see them so happy, so relaxed and so into their own space, making their vows under your guidance, listening to your summary of them and how they met, was simply spell binding.
Thank you for giving their day such meaning. Above all, thank you for articulating and sharing with everyone the essence of them as individuals, as well as the spirit of their relationship. Your analysis was very incisive and very moving, one minute funny, the next poignant and the next heartfelt. Your ability to guide and assist us all through an emotion charged event so carefully was extraordinary.
We love our families and especially our children. Like everyone, we have faced and tried to deal with that which life brings along. As parents we have simply been there to help our children to find their own way. This note, therefore, is to thank you for so ably helping our daughter and son-in-law to openly share this and their journey with so many on Saturday.
Yours is a rare talent. We were privileged to witness it. Above all they were privileged that you gave their marriage such a wonderful beginning. Thank you.

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