Lucy and David

Hello there! I can’t believe it is over 6 months ago that we first met you and discussed our wedding. Things have been so completely hectic since then that we’re only just getting around to writing our thank yous. We’ve made it to Seattle, and have been here for the last 5 weeks. Although the weather is crappy a lot of the time, the scenery is spectacular and helps to distract you from the cold.
We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our wedding, largely in part from the fantastic advise and planning on your part. It was JUST how we wanted it – a big party celebration. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us, getting to know us and writing such wonderful things. You are by far the best wedding celebrant we’ve ever seen (and we’re not just saying that because you’re ours, you REALLY ARE the best!!).
I thought you might like to a picture of yourself in action, one showing how much the crowd enjoyed the show! Please feel free to add them to your website if you want to (won’t be offended if you don’t!!).
Good luck with the radio show and your family and all the weddings that come your way.

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