Read what some satisfied customers (and the odd bystander or guest) of the celebrant have had to say about his languid lecturing


Sally and Patrick

Chrissie and Marcel

Ruth and Matt

Scott and Bec

Suzannah and Ian

Bruce and Anna

Alexia and Stefan

Amy Corr's naming ceremony

Dani and Greg

Georgina and Andy

Natalie and Jamie

Andi and Ronnie

Lucy and David

Anonymous Kudos

Martin and Jess

Karen Barnes

Rachel Holkner's blog

John and Daina

Mother of the bride - Barbara



There's nothing more patronising than a 60 year old celebrant going through the motions with cliches about love and officiating like a school principal. When we heard they had signed up John Von Goes as a legitimate languid lecturer of love, we knew that we had our man.

He kept the groom calm while the bride made him wait the longest 10 minutes of his life, and with his assured dulcet tones and southern preacher tuxedo, the audience could not believe it was his first time.

~Sally and Patrick~





Thanks so much for making our wedding such a special one. When we decided we wanted to get married we really believed in our decision, but were a little apprehensive about managing a ceremony that eliminated all the tizz and froth and got down to the brass tacks of we were and what we meant to each other. No one else could’ve come close to doing such a sterling job. We loved your oratory, it reflected ‘us’ so perfectly. The perfect blend of sentiment, humour and sincerity without the pomp and mush.

All of our friends and family were impressed and relieved to meet a celebrant who believed in what he was doing and who actually enjoyed himself. Our pre-wedding conferences mapping out the right vibe and order of proceedings were a hoot and by the time it came to the ceremony we just relaxed, enjoyed the fun and savoured the profundity of the moment.

Thanks again Jon for taking us under the ‘von goes’ wing and giving us a wedding that was better then we had ever expected.

~Chrissie and Marcel~





The first comment from everyone who attended our wedding was
inevitably..."that celebrant guy was great." Jon really listened to our
stories and captured the spirit of our relationship. It was a really moving
ceremony, all of the guests cried with happiness... it was the best part of
the whole day.


~Ruth and Matt~





Thanks for conducting our wedding. The ceremony was perfect in its content and delivery. Most of our friends and family made highly complimentary and unsolicited mention of your effort.

Bec and I are extremely grateful for the time that you spent with us to understand our bent and listen to our story. The reult was a perfectly pitched ceremony that was the cornerstone of an amazing evening/event. We had a fantastic time.

Please accept our most sincere and genuine thanks,

~Scott and Bec~





Hi there!
Watched the wedding video for the first time the other day and it was so great. You just did the most amazing job, it was so much fun. I realised I forgot to thank you in my speech, sorry! I also forgot to thank my Mum and Dad! Silly bitch I am.

~Suzannah and Ian~




Thanks again for your celebration! We are both ecstatic about how it went off - you made the difference in making it a very special, memorable and important moment for us. Many of our friends and family pass along their praise, commenting on your excellent part in the proceedings.

~Bruce and Anna~




Thanks for the great day on December 4th 2004. It really was a wonderful day/weekend, which you obviously had a big hand in shaping. People had nothing but positive things to say about your "performance" (even Yiaya, the Greek grandmother, was impressed, although she was concerned that "the priest was strangely dressed") and we also were extremely happy about the way the ceremony came together, given the number of contributors, our long and meandering story and the personal family issues we wanted to have included.
Pity you couldn't stay longer- for some the party went on well into the early morning of Sunday! We're happy to have you over for a slide night if you can bear it.

~Alexia and Stefan~




Just a quick note to say many thanks again for doing such a wonderful job at Amy's big day - everyone has said they thought it was a lovely ceremony and were very impressed with the 'bloke' who conducted it!

~Bella Corr (for Amy)~




Just dropping you a note to say thank you for doing such a stupendous job at our wedding. The ceremony went exactly as we had hoped - you walked the line of reverence and humour beautifully!
Afterwards, we had so many people comment on what a great celebrant you are and how included they felt during the ceremony. As you know, we wanted people to feel included and you clearly succeeded in doing that.
In fact, you may have drummed up some more business for yourself as a few of my friends who having been "umming and aarring" about getting married feel like they might just take the plunge if they can get you to do the ceremony! Knowing what big procrastinators they are, that's a real compliment to your skills as a celebrant!! I'll forward your details to them...
Thank you so much, you really helped set the tone for the day - we had a wonderful time!!

~Dani and Greg~



Thank-you so much for making our wedding day so fantastic. You did a terrific job of summing us up as a couple & the ceremony was relaxed & humorous...just as we wanted! Not only were we impressed, we had so many guests come up to us and say that it was the best ceremony they had been to....you cannot receive a better compliment than that! Especially as our English & Macedonian guests were used to very different ceremonies!
We had such a great day, it was better than we could have ever imagined. After the reception, we kicked on at Robartas til 5.30am with friends which was well deserved as we could really let our hair down then! haha
Thanks again, we could not have asked for a better celebrant and ceremony....and we will be sure to recommend you to all!

~Georgina and Andy~



Our wedding was such a special day and I can't thank you enough. I love watching the video to see your theatrics. Our guests have commented how romantic and personal our wedding was, the best they have ever attended and have singled you out as contributing to this. I can't sing your praises loud enough!

~Natalie and Jamie~




Ron & I can not thank you enough for your brilliant, beautifully perfected ceremony. It started the day off perfectly and we got so many comments ‘how good was the celebrant’! Several of our friend said the celebrant was ‘spot on’. I think it is a very important part of the day and we couldn’t have been happier with how it all went (except for the mud on my dress!!). By the end of the night everyone was saying it was the best wedding they had been to. As for the rest of the night, everyone got into the mood of things, lots and dancing, laughing and drinking.
Good work Jon, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!!!

~Andi and Ronnie~




Hello there! I can't believe it is over 6 months ago that we first met you and discussed our wedding. Things have been so completely hectic since then that we're only just getting around to writing our thank yous. We've made it to Seattle, and have been here for the last 5 weeks. Although the weather is crappy a lot of the time, the scenery is spectacular and helps to distract you from the cold.
We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our wedding, largely in part from the fantastic advise and planning on your part. It was JUST how we wanted it - a big party celebration. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us, getting to know us and writing such wonderful things. You are by far the best wedding celebrant we've ever seen (and we're not just saying that because you're ours, you REALLY ARE the best!!).
I thought you might like to a picture of yourself in action, one showing how much the crowd enjoyed the show! Please feel free to add them to your website if you want to (won't be offended if you don't!!).
Good luck with the radio show and your family and all the weddings that come your way.

~Lucy and David~




Not having done the whole wedding thing before I sent out an email to see if anyone had ever heard of a celebrant who was:
1. amusing
2. non-religious
3. dapper
Out of the ten responses I received, seven suggested you - so I thought I might just get in touch!





A very very belated thank you for being such a great celebrant at our wedding! Heaps of people have commented on what a great balance of humour and respect you added to the day.
The whole day was perfect and everything we wanted, weren't we lucky it didn't rain!!

~Martin and Jess~




I always hated celebrant weddings until I was a witness to your bubbly, humorous & serious service at my niece's beach wedding a year ago. You changed my view forever.
I just had to have you for my daughter's wedding. I wanted everyone to know a celebrant isn't an old, boring, dry, "to the book" celebrant. Lucky for us, you were available. Once again, you were wonderful.
I thought it would be a challenge for you to be able to put humour & laughs into her service but you did. Your style of service is refreshing. It's not a comedy. You have the guests attention the whole time with your humourous version of their initial meeting & you also perform the serious part of the service.
You are adaptable. A bright purple shirt for my niece's beach wedding & a suitable attire for my daughter's reception chapel wedding.
I absolutely love your style of service.
It makes me want to get married again. Oh, hang on, maybe not that much.
Thank you so much for a wonderful day. The bride & groom, guests & myself were thrilled.
I wish you all the best for the future and hopefuly will see you again. This I have no doubt in.

~Karen Barnes (Mum of the bride)~




Coolest Wedding Ever
When a wedding has both The Ghost making a speech and Jon von Goes as celebrant, you know you must be at the coolest wedding Melbourne has ever seen. Congratulations Roxy and Nick, it was a fantastic night. Loads of love and best of luck for the future.
Seeing as I am already married, should I die before JVG does, I would like to request his services as celebrant at my funeral. I won't be able to hear them, being dead 'n' all, but I'd like to know you were having a good time.

~Rachel Holkner (in her blog)~




The wedding was an absolute cracker!
Great day... went perfectly apart from the shite-stirring nerves at the start.
Many people said that your performance was one of the highlights of the day.

~John and Daina~




4.30 a.m and I can’t sleep. So excited about the wedding of our daughter and son-in-law last Saturday!
I just had to write to thank you, sincerely, for marrying them in a such a thoughtful manner. To see them so happy, so relaxed and so into their own space, making their vows under your guidance, listening to your summary of them and how they met, was simply spell binding.
Thank you for giving their day such meaning. Above all, thank you for articulating and sharing with everyone the essence of them as individuals, as well as the spirit of their relationship. Your analysis was very incisive and very moving, one minute funny, the next poignant and the next heartfelt. Your ability to guide and assist us all through an emotion charged event so carefully was extraordinary.
We love our families and especially our children. Like everyone, we have faced and tried to deal with that which life brings along. As parents we have simply been there to help our children to find their own way. This note, therefore, is to thank you for so ably helping our daughter and son-in-law to openly share this and their journey with so many on Saturday.
Yours is a rare talent. We were privileged to witness it. Above all they were privileged that you gave their marriage such a wonderful beginning. Thank you.

~Mother of the bride - Barbara~



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