Karen Barnes (Mum of the bride)

I always hated celebrant weddings until I was a witness to your bubbly, humorous & serious service at my niece’s beach wedding a year ago. You changed my view forever.
I just had to have you for my daughter’s wedding. I wanted everyone to know a celebrant isn’t an old, boring, dry, “to the book” celebrant. Lucky for us, you were available. Once again, you were wonderful.
I thought it would be a challenge for you to be able to put humour & laughs into her service but you did. Your style of service is refreshing. It’s not a comedy. You have the guests attention the whole time with your humourous version of their initial meeting & you also perform the serious part of the service.
You are adaptable. A bright purple shirt for my niece’s beach wedding & a suitable attire for my daughter’s reception chapel wedding.
I absolutely love your style of service.
It makes me want to get married again. Oh, hang on, maybe not that much.
Thank you so much for a wonderful day. The bride & groom, guests & myself were thrilled.
I wish you all the best for the future and hopefuly will see you again. This I have no doubt in.

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