Chrissie and Marcel

Thanks so much for making our wedding such a special one. When we decided we wanted to get married we really believed in our decision, but were a little apprehensive about managing a ceremony that eliminated all the tizz and froth and got down to the brass tacks of we were and what we meant to each other. No one else could’ve come close to doing such a sterling job. We loved your oratory, it reflected ‘us’ so perfectly. The perfect blend of sentiment, humour and sincerity without the pomp and mush.
All of our friends and family were impressed and relieved to meet a celebrant who believed in what he was doing and who actually enjoyed himself. Our pre-wedding conferences mapping out the right vibe and order of proceedings were a hoot and by the time it came to the ceremony we just relaxed, enjoyed the fun and savoured the profundity of the moment.
Thanks again Jon for taking us under the ‘von goes’ wing and giving us a wedding that was better then we had ever expected.


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